Sassy’s Short & Sexy


A moment of desperation

My kids were so young when their mom died they’ve never known any parent but me. In the four years since, I’ve devoted my entire life to them, and my career in the Marines. But now my parents are retiring out-of-state and I’m desperate for childcare. Then my best friend from high school suggests I hire his little sister as a summer nanny. Only Amanda Cross isn’t so little anymore, and for the first time since I was widowed, I’m tempted to do something that’s all for me.

When I was a teenager there was only one boy I wanted–Pierce Roberts. But he was older, and I was his best friend’s sister. Now I’m all grown up and back in town after college graduation. With student loans about to come due, I’m desperate for a paycheck. So when my older brother suggests I go to work as a nanny for Pierce’s two kids, I jump at the chance. But this won’t be a normal job for me. It’s a golden opportunity to show the man of my dreams that I can be the woman of his.

Her Soldier’s Baby is short & sexy, single dad, best friend’s sister, low drama insta-love with an Alpha Marine, ferocious four year-olds, and an HEA that will make you swoon.


A surprise delivery

I didn’t always realize I loved Angel, but I always knew she was my best friend. When I get transferred to Camp Pendleton just minutes from where I grew up, it’s finally time to take that next step with Angel. But then my ex-wife leaves me with a surprise delivery. Now I have to work double-time to make sure I’m the best dad my baby can have, and more than a best friend to Angel.

For as long as I can remember Dev has been there for me. He and I have our own special way of being us. Then he sends the 9-1-1 text, and I know something’s about to change forever. When I see his baby daughter for the first time, I fall in love. I want to be something special to this baby. And he may not know it yet, but I want to be so much more than Dev’s best friend.

Her Best Friend’s Baby is short & sexy, single dad, friends to lovers, low drama, sugary sweet adorableness with exploding diapers, meddling mothers, and an HEA that will make your heart sing.


It’s not allowed.

She’s my student employee, but I need to be her boss in bed. Melissa is everything I want in a woman–soft, warm, caring. But she’s only twenty-one. I’m the dean of her college, and old enough to be her father. Did I mention she’s a virgin? Yeah, there’s no future for us.

He’s a silver fox, my dream come true. I’ve saved myself for someone just like him. Derrick Masters is a man, not a boy, and he needs me in his life. If only he could see that while I may be young and inexperienced, I know exactly what I want.

Her Dean’s Desire is short & sexy, teacher-student, boss-employee, May-December delight, with lots of whipped cream, a deflowering, and the HEA you crave.


It’s forbidden.
She’s my student, but everything I want to teach her involves my bed. One look at Delilah’s pink-framed glasses and prim school girl outfits and I’m consumed with lust. Now I’m not sure I can keep my hands to myself for an entire semester. 

He’s my professor and he’s terrifying. Dr. Star is the hardest professor in my program, the monster of Psychology. He’s legendary for terrorizing graduate students. He’s also the hottest man I’ve ever seen. So when he tells me he wants me to come to his office for tutoring, I’m not sure whether to run to him or away from him.

Her Professor’s Pleasure is short & sexy, forbidden, teacher-student fun with coffee shop ‘Os’, a pink elephant, and the HEA you crave.