Welcome to the World of Sassy

Hi! I’m Sassy Sparx, pen name of a multi-genre romance author. I write Short & Sexy books that never have cheating, and always have a Happily Ever After. If you want a feel-good romance that you can read on that weekend road trip, when you’re waiting in the airport, or while the hubs is watching yet another football game, then you’re in the right place! Check out my latest release and all the places to find me:

Winning is everything.
I didn’t become Nashville’s premier entertainment attorney by losing. Sure, I inherited billions from my family, but I took that money and used it to build the most successful law firm in the country. I eat other lawyers for lunch, and I do it with a smile. Until her. When the sexy redhead I had a fling with in high school walks through my door representing the competition, I’m suddenly tied in knots. I want to crush my lips to hers, and…wait, I mean I want to crush her. I want to nail her…no, no, no! I want to pound her? Gah! What I’m trying to say is, I want to win…but suddenly that word has taken on a whole new meaning.

He was the one who got away. The guy who stole my heart senior year in high school. It took me months to get over him, and years to stop wondering what might have been. Now I’m all grown up, and facing him across a negotiating table. But I’m determined that he won’t win this time. I will never let Digger McGuire get on top of me again…oops, I should say I’ll never let him get the best of me again. No, I’m going to be the woman who takes Digger down. He’ll never know what kissed him…HIT him. He’ll never know what hit him. Because winning is everything, and beating Digger will be the sexiest…I mean the sweetest revenge ever.

Enemy Billionaire Boyfriend is a short & sexy, enemies-to-lovers, second-chance, semi-legal affair with a fiery heroine, a befuddled hero, and an HEA that even a divorce attorney would swoon for.